The Art of Nude Photography

arterotica-nsfw asked: Hi Jason, I reblogged your close reflections image today with some ponderings on why some images feel like erotic art and others don't. I wasn't meaning any criticism at all in saying that this image didn't feel like erotic art for me. As I said I think the image (and set) is very well composed and modeled. I was using your image as an example because I like your work, and Lucy's too and was considering why some beautiful & technically good images don't feel like erotic art nonetheless.

This image, one of a series, is less distinct in portraying the message. Every image in this series is a photographed reflection. I titled the series, “Private Reflections.” My goal was to capture an honest and intimate moment of the model, shooting at angles from behind her, minimizing my presence as photographer by taking the photos of her reflection through the mirror. Unfortunately, the photographer or whomever is documenting reality will always disrupt the privacy of the moment to some extent. I instructed Lucy to focus on herself, her touch, and her reflection. Also, to ignore me and the clicking of my shutter. Have I succeeded in capturing something unique and honest? If so, then I would deem it art.